Laal-U-Anar Foundation

Welcome to Laal-U-Anar Foundation

Welcome to the home of the Laal-u-Anar Foundation. The Laal-u-Anar Foundation seeks to unite all Afghans around our most precious resource: our strength in diversity. Far from warnings of civil war, we seek to celebrate the lessons that Afghans can learn from each other, no matter which language they speak or from which corner they hail. This site is a resource page for all those Afghans and friends of Afghanistan that seek to unite the marvelous diversity of Afghanistan around the common cause of peace and development. The Foundation is a non-profit, non-partisan, non-governmental organization that welcomes you to join us in developing ideas and initiatives that harness the wonderful diversity of Afghanistan.

Kandahar Afghanistan By Nate DerrickKoocha River, Faizabaad Badakhshan, Afghanstian
Currently we are focused on underserved areas in the southern province of Kandahar and the northern province of Badakhshan. We hope that our work here can inspire others to build a movement across all of Afghanistan. Feel free to explore our initiatives, learn about our mission, and hopefully contribute your own inspiration. Together, with all our tongues, colors, and cultures, we can make Afghanistan the wonderful homeland we all desire.