Laal-U-Anar Foundation


A magical and historic province located between the Hindu Kush and the Amu Darya- Badakhshan mountain range has long been isolated and difficult to reach.  Because of its location and harsh mountainous terrain, government infrastructure and support has always been in short supply.  Lal-u-Anar was founded by a brother-sister team whose mother hails from this beautiful province, with its beautiful people and its magnificent mineral resources.  Having sent support  to the people of this province for some years, Lal-u-Anar is now working to unite those Badakhshis and other friends of this province who are around the world.  

Most Badakhshis have to travel far distances for basic needs, such as medical clinics, schools, and even telephones. Badakhshan has one of the highest infant mortality rates in the world and one of the lowest rates of access to clean water.  Laal-u-Anar seeks to help empower the local people to come together in grassroots organizations to meet their basic needs.

Together, we can learn and organize to provide a sustainable and appropriate means to help Badakhshan.  In this vein, Laal-u-Anar has reached out to Badakhshis in Europe, North America, and in larger cities in Afghanistan.  Along with their knowledge base and monetary support, we are partnering with international NGOs to meet the needs of Badakhshan.

Additionally, we want to partner with other organizations to cover the entire province and not to duplicate projects.  Similar to Badakhshan, other northern isolated provinces face the same difficulties.  We hope  the Foundation can learn and share similar solutions in other provinces.