Laal-U-Anar Foundation

About Us

Laal-u-Anar, Badakhshan and Kandahar

Our family’s inspiration, roots and identities are tied to these breathtaking sides of Afghanistan. The strong, shining, spectacular Laal  from the mountains of Pamir, Badakhshan, and the nourishing, sweet, sublime Anar from the orchards of Kandahar, not only remind us of the glowing faces of our parents but of the strength we have gained with the diversity of Afghanistan.

Our family is not unique or alone because our parents are from these diverse provinces. In fact, like other Afghans, we are a testament that the North and South, the East and West, and all Afghans possess the ability to unite for a common purpose and common vision. The Laal-u-Anar Foundation seek to bring together all Afghans around the foundation’s resounding resource, Our Strength in Diversity. Far from the warnings of civil war, we seek to celebrate the lessons that Afghans can learn from each other, no matter which language they speak or from which corner of Afghanistan they hail. For more than 50 years, our parents’ harmonious relationship has been a testament to this lesson, and they have instilled in their children a strong sense of commitment to both North and South of Afghanistan.

Laal is known as Badakhshan’s famous ruby, a mystical gem that has captured the imagination of visitors throughout history, from Marco Polo to Ibn Battuta. Whilst Anar is known as the almighty’s miracle, this curative pomegranate fruit has been the source of livelihood, sustenance, and shades in Kandahar. Laal-u-Anar offers more than just being a precious stone and the sweet taste a pleasant fruit; Laal-u-Anar symbolize the rich culture, identity, and resources of Badakhshan and Kandahar. In fact, both Laal and Anar are rich with the red color, and we believe that this strong and violent color of red represents those who sacrificed for Afghanistan’s peace and prosperity and depict the Badakhshan and Kandahar peoples’ beauty and resiliency.

These two symbols, Laal-u-Anar of the North and South and our personal connection to these two unique regions have inspired our family to make a difference by implementing projects towards our beautiful motherland, Badakhshan and beloved Kandahar. We are thankful for the opportunity to give back to the nation that has made us who we are today- both northern and southern and thoroughly Afghan.