Laal-U-Anar Foundation


Kandahar is one of the largest provinces of Afghanistan, with its capital city of Kandahar being located on the Arghandab River.  On the other side of Afghanistan from Badakhshan, Kandahar has long been the focus of political, religious, and economic attention from Kabul.  Despite this, Kandahar suffers the vestiges and lasting impact of many years of war.  Many Kandaharis have returned from  neighboring countries where they had lived as refugees, now ready with the hope and vision to build Afghanistan into a stable and prosperous nation.  Their efforts  often are frustrated by  continuing instability and a lack of infrastructure in Kandahar.  The Laal-u-Anar Foundation seeks to harness the energy of Kandaharis to build a vibrant, diverse, and prosperous province.  

In contrast to Badakhshan, Kandahar has many schools. However, Kandaharis need support to broaden their cultural and creative talents.  Through art, literature, poetry, and sports, the Foundation is helping to facilitate  Kandaharis’   natural tendencies to fight against intolerance and extremism.

The Foundation also supports vocational training in Kandahar, especially for women, empowering them as bread-winners.  These skills, including tailoring, embroidery, and handicrafts, not only give women an economic voice but also help impoverished families and war widows.  Moreover, strong women can be the most influential voices against extremism and oppression in Kandahar.

Kandahar has seen the worst tragedies of war, as it has been on the front lines for over 20 years.  The Foundation is working to support, sponsor, and educate the many war orphans in this province.  It is not only our vision, but also our religious duty, to care for these orphans .  We work with orphanages, local community organizations, and individual families to provide monetary, in-kind, and training for orphans.